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Is your Illinois Driver’s License currently revoked or suspended?  Are you wondering what steps you have to take to get your driver’s license back in your hands?  Do you know when you are eligible to request a Restricted Driving Permit (R.D.P.) or obtain full reinstatement of your driving privileges? The law firm of Bush and Associates, P.C. can answer all of your questions regarding the steps necessary for you to take to obtain reinstatement of your Illinois Driver’s License.

These are NOT simple hearings.  They are conducted with a hearing officer and an attorney hired by the Secretary of State to be your adversary.  Their attorneys are not there to help you.  They are there to question you intensely.  Remember the burden of proof is on you to convince the hearing officer you are ready to get driving privileges back in some way.  Your need to drive is not relevant!  This is not some rubber stamp, five minute hearing.  This is a challenging process, but it is not impossible.

When hiring an attorney to help you through the process of getting back your driver’s license from the Illinois Secretary of State’s Office, we at the law firm of Bush, Neiner and Associates, P.C. believe you should ask the attorney some of the following basic questions:

How many Formal and Informal Hearings have you had at the Illinois Secretary of State’s Office?

When hiring somebody for a specific job, you are looking for experience. It doesn’t matter if you are hiring a plumber, mechanic or a doctor, you want to hire somebody to get the job done right.   Our attorneys have handled over 3,000 hearings at the Illinois Secretary of State’s Office. You do not want to hire an attorney that has little or no experience in these types of cases.

So, do not be afraid to ask your attorney what, if any, experience he has had conducting Formal Hearings at the Illinois Secretary of State’s Office.  If that attorney’s experience at Formal and Informal Hearings at the Illinois Secretary of State does not match that of Bush, Neiner and Associates, P.C., then perhaps you should consider Bush, Neiner and Associates, P.C. to help you.

How is that attorney going to help you in getting back your driving privileges?

We at the law firm of Bush, Neiner and Associates, P.C. will inform you of all the steps necessary to get your driving privileges reinstated. We will answer any and all questions you may have regarding the process. We will not tell you to go talk to the Illinois Secretary of State’s Hearing Officer to review your paperwork or ask questions.  At Bush, Neiner and Associates, P.C. we believe you have better things to do with your time rather than wait for hours to talk to a Hearing Officer.

Do I need an attorney?

Attorneys are not required, but the Secretary of State hearing officers and attorneys will not take it easy on you in any way.  They are trained personnel and attorneys that work these hearings everyday giving them huge amounts of experience and expertise.  The attorneys at Bush, Neiner and Associates, P.C. will help level the playing field.

What can Bush, Neiner and Associates, P.C. do for me?

Hearing Preparation:  We will work to explain how the hearing process works.  At the hearing we take an active role in questioning you and presenting your case.  This allows us to prep you in advance so you know all the questions we plan to ask and you can study and know the answers and present a solid case for driving privileges.  If you are not practicing in advance of a hearing with an attorney then there is little chance of success.

Updated Documents: Bush, Neiner and Associates, P.C. will make sure that your Alcohol and Drug Uniform Report, Updated Evaluations, Illinois Secretary of State Treatment Verifications, and Treatment Documents are correct. We will make sure that any inconsistencies in any of the paperwork are resolved prior to your Formal or Informal Hearing.

Coordination: We will coordinate a Hearing date for your Formal or Informal Hearing that works with your work schedule and our schedule, so as to minimize the time you may miss at your place of employment.

Location Flexibility: Bush, Neiner and Associates, P.C. have clients that live in the suburbs of Chicago to Southern Illinois; your distance from our offices posses no problems. We will meet with you numerous times, in person, at our offices, or prepare you for your hearings over the telephone. Unlike some attorneys, we will not be talking to you or reviewing your paperwork for the first time on the day of Hearing.

The Hearing: A Formal or Informal Hearing is similar to a trial. You must be prepared for all the questions that will be asked of you. We at Bush, Neiner and Associates, P.C. will have you 100% prepared for these questions. Our clients typically ride with us to the Illinois Secretary of State’s Office in Springfield, Illinois; we use this travel time to further prepare you one last time before your Hearing.

If your Illinois Driver’s License is revoked or suspended, Bush, Neiner and Associates, P.C. will help you in obtaining reinstatement of your driving privileges.  We will make sure that you are fully prepared for your Formal or Informal Hearing by discussing all aspects of your case with you. We will review your paperwork with your evaluator and treatment provider to clarify any problems that may exist prior to your Hearing. In short and contrary to what you may have heard on the street a person is not always denied at his first Formal or Informal Hearing especially if that person has been properly prepared for his Hearing by Bush, Neiner and Associates, P.C.

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