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Speeding tickets have changed over the years.  Speeding tickets were not thought of as serious but that is no longer true.  All speeding tickets that are 26 miles per hour over the limit are now misdemeanors punishable by jail!

Speeding tickets and other moving violations like improper lane usage and stop sign violations may affect your driver’s license!   A person over 21 with three traffic ticket convictions in a 12 month period shall lose their driver’s license.

The law also limits the availability of court supervision to twice a year, and many courts will only allow it one time every 12 months!

Under 21 years old and traffic tickets

If you are under 21 years of age and receive only two convictions within any 24 month period, you license shall be suspended!  Getting a permit is very hard and not a realistic goal in this situation.  The best choice is to hire an attorney to prevent a conviction from entering on your driver’s license.

Motion to vacate

If you have been suspended for too many tickets then filing a motion to vacate is an option.  That may allow you to take a conviction for a speeding or other type of traffic ticket off your record and remove the suspension for you license.  Filing motions in court can be intimidating by Addy, Bush and Associates, P.C. knows how to prepare the proper motions, file them, and follow through on getting the conviction removed.

Speeding in a Construction Zone

Each summer the road construction crews come out and the officers are enforcing construction zone speeding tickets more than ever.  The minimum fines are approaching $750 and have a mandatory court appearance.  Often people get these while traveling and live far away.  Addy, Bush and Associates, P.C. can help you by resolving your case through the mail so you don’t have to waste your time, take off work and spend extra money to come back to court.

Also traffic tickets may also quickly lead to a license suspension without you even realizing it. Your license may be suspended for a single offense of passing a school bus OR failing to change lanes as you approach an emergency vehicle with its lights flashing on the side of the road. Depending on the facts a single conviction of illegal transportation of alcohol may also result in the removal of your driving privileges.

Don’t act without knowing your rights, any consequences of your decisions, and doing everything possible to improve your situation.

What can I do?

Come in and talk with Addy, Bush and Associates, P.C.   We can explain the charges you are facing and let you know if there will be any potential loss of your driver’s license.  There are several steps we can help you take to improve your situation and then help you navigate the court process and negotiate with the prosecutors on your behalf.  Avoiding the conviction from the start is easier than trying to reverse a suspension of a driver’s license.

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