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Expungement of a criminal record is a necessary step to get a criminal record erased.  Expungements never happen automatically and many lawyers and judges mistakenly tell you there will be nothing on your record.  That is FALSE!

Here are the facts:

  1. There is a criminal record created whether you are arrested or just given a notice to appear (ticket).
  2. Even if you receive court supervision so you are not convicted you will have a criminal record and it can and will show up in a background check for employers.
  3. Even if you take your case to trial or have the charges dismissed there is still a record that it happened
  4. There is no automatic removal of any charge from your record.
  5. Your arrests, charges, guilty pleas, and all court records are available to the PUBLIC!!!!!

The only way to remove anything off your permanent record is to file a petition to expunge or seal the record with the court.  A hearing is required before a Judge and the paperwork must be filled out properly and you must qualify.  Not everyone is eligible. Some expungements require you to wait two years, other offenses, such as certain drug felonies, require five years to pass before you are eligible.

Many people have something in their past, but that doesn’t mean that information has to be accessible by everyone else.

Bush, Neiner and Associates, P.C. might be able to help with your expungement.  Our attorneys will be able to review your criminal history and determine if you are eligible to expunge or seal your record.  If you qualify we will be able to prepare the petition for you and get it filed and set for a hearing.  We can appear at your hearing with you and make sure a case is made on why you need your record clear.  Afterwards we can work to ensure the expungement is carried out properly and erased from your record.

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